Insurance Claim Denied- What Next?


We invest in insurance covers to safeguard our properties and lives, expecting that when tragedy strikes we will reap off the benefits promised in return for our cooperation.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and when it happens it can be very frustrating and make us feel helpless. If you have been denied your insurance benefits for whatever reason, you don’t have to feel miserable. There is power in the law and here’s what you have to do next.

Recall everything

Go back to when your tragedy began and put down all the necessary information in writing. This will help you document your story and encounters throughout your battle. Noting things down will enable you to remember everything and filter your story to the essential bits.

File everything

All the letters to the insurance company, copies of forms filled with regard to your claim, and details of your conversations with the persons you spoke to must be filed. Include people’s names and dates when you interacted with them. Also, make copies of official documents such as the policy, statements, explanation of benefits, and so on.

Get an insurance attorney

Recovering money from an insurance company that denies lawyer insurance claim is no easy task. In fact, individuals who succeed usually work with lawyers and it is inevitable that you get one too, to ensure that you obtain what is rightfully yours. Attempting to negotiate with an insurance company that won’t cooperate on your own is a wrong move that will waste your time, energy, and resources. They’ll keep you taking you round in circles until the day you get tired and give up.

Insurance attorneys and the courts are in this world to manage disputes over contracts like yours and assess justice. They are your best shot at winning your case, and you should not take any chances. An insurance attorney will guide you on the legal aspect of your claim and help you work it out. Note that, there are different basis on which an insurance company will deny you compensation, and each situation needs to be tackled competitively. You may read further about attorneys at

An insurance attorney who has the expertise, experience, and success in handling insurance claims is the right weapon to face your insurance claim battle with. There are many insurance claim lawyers who take cases expecting to be paid only when they win their cases, meaning that you will have nothing to lose in taking their professional counsel. Let them do the calculations and talking for you, you will be glad you did.


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